Monday, November 14, 2011

Nu-Works Videos

Today we watched our videos and the films of our fellow classmates. Here are my opinions and constructive criticisms:

Shh Its A Secret: I was in this group
We should have recorded in a more quite area.

The Flinstones:
They had a really uniques idea but they should have extended how long the quote was in the video and sound would have also added a nice touch to the video.

The Void:
I think there was a good editing job done on it. I also liked the quotes. It would have been nice had the music been faded out a little rather than stopping abruptly. The sound should have been recorded better or the instruments should have been recorded separately so it can be toyed with

Move Crew:
At the begining i couldn't reaaly hear what they were saying. Also they should have use a tripod. I loved the use of slo-mo and reversing the water scene at the end, aslo the effect used for it.

Cherry Bomb:
It was a funny move. The quote really matched the movie. At the begining i couldn't really understand the dialogue. The video didn't seem to have a story so the shots didn't seem connected.

Crazy Hair:
Their music was interesting. I could clearly understand the actors. Although the clips didn't really seem to relate to each other.

Motion Hands:
I loved the music

Shh It's A Secret

In Nu-Works we made videos about movement and i was the director and the sound mixer/recorder. The name of our group was Shh It's A secret.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an inspiration to technological innovators and artists of all sorts. With all the new "I" technology the entertainment business has improved sales because Steve and all his inventions made buying and selling art easier than it ever was. You will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts, minds, and memories. R.I.P

Friday, September 30, 2011


In Nu-Works we have been exploring the different uses of space as it pertains to our various school cluster.  As we acted, danced, and more i understood more than physical space and how its put into use.